Ethical hacking communities and forums

  1. KnowledgeHut: KnowledgeHut Ethical Hackforums – KnowledgeHut offers a curated list of the top 22 ethical hacking forums for 2024. These forums are rich sources of information on hack tools, techniques, career advice, and discussions covering various types of hacking. Explore the world of ethical hacking and enhance your cybersecurity skills through these forums.
  2. Hack This Site: Hack This Site Community – Hack This Site is a dynamic community dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge about ethical hacking, technical hobbies, and programming skills. Engage with fellow enthusiasts in active projects and participate in discussions on hacking, network security, and related topics through their IRC, Discord, and forums.
  3. IT-Maniacs: IT-Maniacs Top 20 Hacker Forums – IT-Maniacs provides a comprehensive list of the top 20 forums for hackers. These forums serve as hubs where enthusiasts exchange tips and valuable information on IT security, penetration testing, ethical and non-ethical hacking, and everything in between.
  4. Hack Forums: Hack Forums – One of the largest and oldest hack forums on the internet, Hack Forums boasts over 1 million members. Dive into discussions on hack tools, techniques, career advice, and various types of hacking. Explore the wealth of information available and stay updated on the latest trends in the hacking community.
  5. Cybrary: Cybrary Cybersecurity Community – Cybrary is an online community focusing on sharing knowledge about cybersecurity and IT. The forum provides a platform for enthusiasts to discuss hacking, network security, and related topics. Additionally, Cybrary offers free online courses covering various aspects of cybersecurity to enhance your skills.
  6. The Ethical Hacker Network: Ethical Hacker Network – The Ethical Hacker Network is an online community dedicated to sharing knowledge about ethical hacking and network security. Engage in discussions on ethical hacking and access free online courses covering diverse aspects of ethical hacking to expand your expertise.
  7. HackerOne: HackerOne Community – HackerOne is a platform that bridges companies and hackers to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in systems. Join the HackerOne community forum to participate in discussions about hacking, network security, and ethical hacking practices.
  8. Exploit Database: Exploit Database – Exploit Database is an online repository of vulnerabilities and exploits for various software applications. The forum provides a platform for users to discuss hacking, network security, and related topics. Stay informed about the latest exploits and vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity landscape.
  9. Pentester Academy: Pentester Academy Community – Pentester Academy is an online platform offering training and certification in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Engage with the community forum to discuss hacking, network security, and other related topics while enhancing your skills through their comprehensive courses.
  10. The Hacker News: The Hacker News – The Hacker News is an online news source focusing on sharing news and information about cybersecurity and hacking. Participate in the community forum to engage with fellow enthusiasts and stay updated on the latest developments in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.
  11. Hack The Box: Hack The Box – Hack The Box is an online platform providing virtual machines for users to hack, improving their penetration testing skills. The platform features an active community and forums for discussions on hacking and challenges. Test your skills by tackling various challenges and learning from the vibrant Hack The Box community.